Tea Time

Super Bird Creations

$ 11.00 


Super Bird Creations - Tea Time - 9" x 6"

Our Tea Time toy is stacked with lots of brightly colored star and flower beads. A fun to crunch paper finger is threaded through a colorful bagel tube and then stuffed with crinkle shred. The fun doesn't end there, four mini mugs and a ball dangle from the bottom. Tea Time anyone? ~Great for small to medium parrots including Parakeets, Cockatiels, Caiques, Quakers and similar sized birds.~Loaded with fun to explore textures, shapes and lots of color.~Birds love to pull and preen colorful paper shred.~Destructible toys satisfy a bird's instinctual drive to chew and promote good beak health.Mechanical toys that encourage beak exploration and manipulation will help birds to develop their dexterity and fine motor skills and will also provide mental stimulation.

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