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 Become an Aviary VIP

For $60, you can become an Aviary VIP. You wil enjoy a 20% savings for a full year on toys, treats, and cages.  Certain restrictions apply. Discounts may not be applied to bulk items, sale items, or services. 

 Seed Club

Do you like FREE? Just purchase 4 10lb bags in advance and get your 5th bag for FREE!

Clip Club



 Don't forget, when you purchase a bird from The Aviary, you get free wing and nail clippings, and basic beak maintenance. But if your bird isn't from The Aviary, we recommend the Clip Club Card. Purchase 4 clippings in advance, and receive your 5th one for FREE!




We have packages available! When you purchase a CAGE PACKAGE which includes: cage, 3 toys, 3 perches, food, and accessories receive 20% discount on the entire package! Call for more details!


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