Hurricane Season 2020

What should you do with your pets in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm? Here are some helpful tips to keep them safe.

Getting ready

  • Bring all your animals inside. Do not leave them behind.
  • In the event of evacuation, call shelters beforehand. Not all are pet-friendly or allow birds. 
  • Call us. We offer boarding and do our best to accommodate every bird needing shelter. If it is last-minute, you may need to bring your own cage.
  • If you choose to weather the storm with your bird, make sure you have at least a couple of weeks of their food and fresh water on hand. The Aviary will  likely be open after the storm, but your local roads may be impassable. 
More Info
Please be mindful that animals can sense severe weather changes. They may be more fearful or aggressive. Take precautions when catching your birds from an outdoor cage to prevent escape. 
Keep your bird calm during the storm by securing them in a small cage or carrier. Place a sheet over it to minimize light and visual stimuli. 

After the storm

It may be unsafe to return your bird outside if that's where he was living. If you are under a boil water advisory, it's necessary to boil water used for your bird as well. 
 In the event of power outage, windows and doors may be left open. Take all precautions to prevent your bird from flying away. 
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