Tartan Cake

Bonka Bird Toys

$ 11.00 


1925CT Tartan Cake is a great toy for those busy beaks, this simple but effective toy will keep your small to medium-sized birds happy during the holiday season. A sola atta ball is adorned with layers of festive paper cupcake liners, a super toy that will keep your favorite companion beak busy. It measures approximately 6 inches high by 4 inches wide and comes complete with a quick link for easy cage placement.

* A VISUAL TREAT an awesome array of the festive season will peak their visual senses.
* ALLEVIATES CAGE BOREDOM they will love to chew, climb, hang, perch and play with this toy.
* All BIRD SAFE MATERIALS no harmful substances giving you peace of mind when it comes to playtime.
* QUICK LINK ATTACHMENT easy placement of toy whether in or out of the cage.

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