Star-Spangled Vine

Bonka Bird Toys

$ 13.00 


The 3453 Star-Spangled Vine from Bonka Bird Toys is a patriotic toy for your small-sized beaked champion! The 3453 swiftly installs in any cage with its quick link attachment and small form size. A metal wire loops around the quick link attachment and serves as the backbone for the entire toy. On the bottom of the bird toy, there is a small metal loop with a metal bell hanging down from it. Back at the top, there are (3) small uncolored wooden beads with a colored piece of paper knotted around them. A colored wooden star is next with another uncolored wooden bead below. Another colored piece of paper is knotted below. The main part of the toy sits right in the middle, a lovely looking natural vine star. Below the star are two more wooden beads and another colored wooden star. There is one last wooden bead before the metal bell. The 3453 Star-Spangled Vine weighs under (2) ounces making it super easy for your pet to pull and move the toy about. The bird toy measures about (7 1/2) inches high, (2 1/4) inches deep and (3 1/8) inches wide and is 100% bird safe.

* Charming red white and blue small bird toy!
* Great colors.
* Chewable material.
* 100% bird safe.

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