Ring Spider

Bonka Bird Toys

$ 13.00 


The 1365 Ring Spider from Bonka Bird Toys is a colorful small sized bird toy with great natural leather strips! This fun straightforward bird toy is perfect for small size cages that need something colorful, pullable and chewable. At the top of the bird toy there is a quick link connector for easy hanging in the cage. From here (2) strips of all natural leather loop around the bottom them string through the center of a fun plastic gear. This gear has many rounded teeth and is super easy for pets to grab with their beaks and feet. Hanging below the plastic gear the natural leather strips dangle down and have (2) knots on each of them. These knots hold colorful plastic rings that the leather strips string through. These rings can easily be moved up and down and are very interesting for pet birds to explore with their beaks and feet. As your pet grabs and pulls the different parts of the toy is will move all about making for a fun experience.

The 1365 Ring Spider is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:


Height: (8) inches

Width: (2) inches

Weight: Under (1) ounce


  • Excellent easy to play with small size bird toy.
  • Great natural leather strips.
  • Lots of colorful plastic rings.
  • 100% bird safe.

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