Ring My Bell

Bonka Bird Toys

$ 9.00 


The 890 Ring My Bell from Bonka Bird Toys is a small classic colorful bird toy thats splendid for your small size feathered friend. The great colors and fun small metal bells on this bird toy make it an eye catcher and ideal for brightening up any cage. The top of the small bird toy has a quick link connector included for fast and easy hanging. From here a small metal wire wraps around the connector and continues down through the whole toy ending in another small loop. This small loop on the bottom has a small metal bell hanging from it. Your pet will find (4) more small metal bells on this bird toy bringing the total to (5)! All of these bells make pleasant bird pleasing sounds when your pet interacts with the toy gently stimulating them. The bells hanging on the body of the 890 Ring My Bell are suspended from small metal curves coming right off the bells. This lets them move and spin as your pet plays with the toy making for even more fun! In between each of the bells are many assorted color plastic beads. These beads look beautiful in any light and help to add more color for your pet. This bird toy can easily be manipulated and shaped letting you make it absolutely perfect for your pet!

The 890 Ring My Bell is 100% bird safe and measures approximately:

Length when straight: (8.25) inches or (8 1/4) inch.

Varying width: (1) inch at its widest.

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