Quiko Special Red Egg food


$ 16.50 


VitaKraft - Quiko Special Red 1.1lb -

Why feed Special Red Egg Food? A variety diet is key to having healthy birds. Unfortified seed diets are relatively low in protein and lack many essential vitamins. Pelleted diets do not offer variety and can be poorly accepted. Adding egg to any of these foods increases protein and vitamin levels of the overall diet. Made with real whole eggs, Quiko Special Red has very high bioavailability due to the excellent profile of amino acids present in eggs, which are the building blocks of protein. This means that the nutrients are readily available for the bird's system. Because most birds eat the egg food before anything else, it is also the perfect means to introduce additional vitamins or medication when necessary. Quiko Special Red Egg Food also contains Canthaxathin, which promotes the development of vibrant plumage and intensifies red coloring in red factor canaries.

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