Pizza Party

Sweet Feet & Beak

$ 9.50 


Sweet Feet & Beak - Pizza Party - 16" x 8"

The award winning Pizza Party shredding and foraging toy features a big slice of food grade cardboard covered in food grade shredded paper. All materials are non-toxic and completely bird safe, with a nickel chain and quick link for hanging. Your bird will enjoy destroying the slice - just like a pizza party. The Pizza Party is an affordable shredding toy that your bird will love. Each slice is approximately 8" wide by 11 long and 1.5" thick (deep dish pizza). Buy a Whole Pie and get 8 slices and save more than 20% off the individual slice price!~~Food grade shred and cardboard~Insert favorite seeds, treats or pellets for foraging challenge~Can be cut into smaller slices~Made in USA

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