Pinata Hat

Bonka Bird Toys

$ 21.00 


The 2198 Pinata Hat from Bonka Bird Toys is a shreddable and grabbable medium-sized bird toy. This toy has lots of bright colors and easy to shred paper that's super pleasing for beaks and feet. The top of the bird toy includes a quick link connector that lets you hang it in the cage fast. A sturdy metal wire hangs from the connector and continues through the center of the toy working as its backbone. This wire is adorned with (2) natural wooden beads at the top and a colorful piece of straw. This sits on top of a shreddy piece of cardboard and a bundle of brightly colored shreddy paper. The pinata hat itself is made from cardboard that's been covered with easy to shred colorful paper. Your pet will have a blast ripping apart all of the different pieces and chewing the cardboard material. As the hat makes a big bowl shape you can even add other shredding materials to increase the fun! Underneath is another bundle of colorful shreddy paper perfect for pulling

The 2198 Pinata Hat is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (10) inches

Width: (6) inches

Weight: Under (3) ounces

Easy to shred colorful bird toy.
Lots of shreddy paper.
Big cardboard pinata hat.
100% bird safe.

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