Intune Natural Parrot 3 lb


$ 31.00 


inTune® is the complete companion bird nutrition that every concerned pet owner has been looking for in a natural bird food with added vitamins, minerals and amino acids. inTune® is naturally preserved and made with natural flavors and aromas like real bananas and citrus and not artificial sprayed-on flavors. inTune® relies on natural sources for its colors, like annatto seeds and turmeric root and NOT from artificial dyes and colors. Unlike competing brands with dull shapes, inTune® comes in unique shapes that are sized appropriately for your bird. Each shape represents a key inTune® factor:

  • Heart = Good Health
  • Leaf = Natural
  • Pineapple = Real Fruits
  • Bird = Overall Wellness

inTune®'s antioxidant formula uses real fruits and vegetables and highly cooked grains to support better digestion of carbohydrates. Balanced DHA Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids and protected probiotics are added to support the immune system as well as stabilized Vitamin C and E for proper nutrition. 

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