Husky Climb

Bonka Bird Toys

$ 11.00 

The 2040 Husky Climb will give your pet bird a fun and exciting way to climb in their aviary or cage. The 2040 is made from soft corn husk and will great on your pets beak and feet. The top of the Husky Climber has a creatively shaped wooden hook. This hook connects to the 2040 with a small piece of rope. The rope goes through the entire length of the climber and gives the corn husk support. From the top to the bottom there is a roll of soft corn husk that is super easy for your feathered friend to grab onto, pull and climb. At the bottom of the 2040 the rope emerges and comes to a loop where a piece of frayed corn husk is looped through. The corn husk on the bottom has long strands hanging down. The toy is very light and easy for your pet to manipulate. As with all toys from Bonka Bird Toys, the 2040 is made from 100% bird safe material. The 2040 measures about 14 inches long by roughly 2 inches wide.

* Great way for your pet to climb.
* Hangs easily with its cool looking wooden hook.
* Made with soft corn husk.
* 100% bird safe materials.

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