Ball Chandelier

Bonka Bird Toys

$ 14.00 


The 1390 Ball Chandelier is a beautiful hanging toy that will class up any small beaked buddys cage! The awesome colors, reflective surfaces and fun noises that are in 1390 are sure to excite your pet bird. The top of the toy has a small quick link attachment to make hanging an easy task. A small link chain hangs down to a metal ring that loops through all of the metal chains on the toy. Each of the chains links strings through (1) colorful, translucent plastic rattler ball. On the lower (3) rattler balls there rest a colorful small interstar that spins around when played with. On the bottom of the three lower chains, there are (3) more metal rings and (3) metal bells hanging from each. It's very easy to pull any of the objects on the toy, and whenever your pet does the chandelier will create wonderful bird-friendly sounds. The 1390 measures about (8.5) inches tall by (3.5) inches wide. It is 100% bird safe and weighs under (3) ounces.

Awesome rattly chandelier bird toy.
Great colors and reflective metal surfaces.
Easy to hang in any cage.
100% bird safe.

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