Small Bird Tower

Bonka Bird Toys

$ 15.00 

The 03320 Small Bird Tower is a great way to add foraging fun to your feathered friend's cage or aviary. The 03320 has a small wound rope loop at the top for easy hanging on almost any cage. The hanging rope has a frayed knot at the bottom of it. The top of the tower has a cute origami bird made from soft palm leaves. At the bottom of the origami bird, there are more frayed fibers. Going down the toy, there are five (5) palm leaf boxes that are stuffed with natural fibers. In between some of the palm cubes, there are more frayed palm fibers. In between two of the palm boxes, there are small ropes with a small palm box and a small palm star. These also have frayed natural fibers coming out of them. At the bottom of the toy, there is a palm star with medium-sized thin natural fibers that measure around 4 inches sticking out of the base. The 03320 has a great assortment of colors and is a super forage and shreddable toy. The 03320 measures about 11 inches tall with a 2-inch width at the palm boxes. The Small Bird Tower is made from 100% bird-safe materials. It may arrive in different colors than shown.

* Great assortment of colors and different palm shapes.

* Wonderful foraging toy.

* Hangs in almost any cage.

* Made with 100% bird-safe materials.

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