Small Asteroid

Bonka Bird Toys

$ 13.00 


The 3130 Small Asteroid is a stellar way to give your small pet bird a universe of a good time! There are many different textures, colors and items for your pet to enjoy and play with on this toy. The 3130 does have a small quick link attachment making cage installation quick and easy. Hanging from the attachment is a small sturdy chain that runs through the middle of the toy. The first item on the chain is a colored 6 sided die. After the die there is the main part of the Asteroid. You'll find eight rounded pieces of plastic that form an orb. Running horizontally around the middle of the orb is a piece of twine that loops through small pieces of clear colored plastic that are all in between the vertical plastic pieces. At the bottom of the 3130 is a metal ring that has two small colored plastic chains attached. Last there are a few strips of colored shreddy paper hanging from the metal ring making it fun and easy for your pet to pull and play with the 3130. The Asteroid measures 6 inches tall and has a 2.75 inch depth. The 3120 is made with 100% bird safe materials.

* Looks great in any cage with its vibrant colors.
* Easy to hang due to its small size and cage attachment.
* Very attractive to your small pet bird.
* Made with 100$ bird safe materials.

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