Flower Ball

Bonka Bird Toys

$ 13.00 


The 2326 Flower Ball From Bonka Bird Toys is a durable fun toy for your small to a medium-sized feathered friend!! The 2326 flower Ball starts with an easy link and metal chain that runs through a small plastic snowflake and then a plastic cross. following with a small metal ring which has some colorful round plastic beans and continues until it reaches a snowflake a mini hard plastic ball, in the middle of the toy going back through the plastic cross on both sides hang with a small snowflake snow and a mini hard plastic ball.


The 2326 Flower Ball From Bonka Bird Toys is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (8.75) inches
Width: (3) inches
Weight: Under (3) ounces


Durable and long-lasting toy.
A moveable toy with lots of play options.
All 100% bird-safe materials.
Quick link for easy cage placement.

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